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E-2 Treaty Investor Business Plans

At a Glance

Developed in 8-12 business days
Market and industry analysis
Benchmarked five year financial forecast and personnel plan
Start up cost and investment analysis 
Experienced with most common E-2 franchises
Unlimited revisions until petition is filed.

Successful E-2 business plans must demonstrate that the founder’s startup investment is “substantial”—a word that means different things in different industries.  What qualifies as a substantial investment in a restaurant or digital marketing agency may not meet the requirement for a manufacturing plant. One of the most successful ways to show that an investment is substantial is to compare the investor’s startup costs to typical costs for a similar business in the same industry or market. In addition to making this comparison explicit, we also include extra detail about the petitioner’s investment, expenses to date, and planned expenses to show exactly how the investment was or will be used and demonstrate how the investment is “at risk.”


E-2 business plans must also make the case that the business is or will be more than marginal.  We do this by providing realistic financial forecasts - backed by industry data and market research - that illustrate profitability over time. We also included detailed personnel forecasts to show that the business financially supports staff above and beyond an investor and his/her family.  


Pinnacle Plan Writing has worked closely with most common E-2 franchises, and can create shortened versions of plans to comply with specific embassy page count requirements.

Each E-2 plan includes:

  • A clear, complete description of the business, operational and marketing plan, and management team

  • A detailed industry- and location-specific market analysis to realistically and credibly support revenue claims

  • An in-depth analysis of the startup capital invested, including a comparison to regional and industry standards to demonstrate how the investment qualifies as substantial and at risk

  • Pro forma financial model with claims supported by past performance and/or industry data

  • ·Compliant with all E-2 visa requirements as well as current USCIS policies, memos, and observed trends in Requests for Evidence



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