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The purpose of the business plan in an L-1 petition is to outline why the beneficiary’s presence in the United States is required, and to demonstrate the company’s ability to support the beneficiary’s position and salary.


Pinnacle Plan Writing’s L-1 business plans are built to showcase the strengths and skills of the beneficiary. We include extra detail about the beneficiary’s background, job description, and unique skill set, making the link between their professional competencies and the U.S. Company’s success explicit.


L-1 business plans must also convince adjudicators that the company can not only support a managerial or executive role, but that it requires one to succeed.

We demonstrate the U.S. Company’s need for, and ability to support, that beneficiary through data-backed financial modeling and in-depth market research.


Our plans can be developed to take a range of situations into account, including the establishment of a new office, transfers to an existing company, or the renewal of an expiring L-1 visa.

Each L-1 plan includes:

  • A clear, complete description of the business, operational and marketing plan, and management team

  • A detailed industry- and location-specific market analysis to realistically and credibly support revenue claims

  • In-depth job descriptions for the beneficiary and other management positions, and a detailed outline of how the beneficiary meets all USCIS requirements

  • Pro forma financial model with claims supported by past performance and/or industry data

  • Compliant with all L-1 visa requirements as well as current USCIS policies, memos, and observed trends in Requests for Evidence


At a Glance

Developed in 10-12 business days
Market and industry Analysis
Explanation of need for executive or managerial position 
Benchmarked five year financial forecast and staffing plan 
Organizational chart and job descriptions for management and subordinate staff
Unlimited revisions until petition is filed.
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