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Business plans and presentations for companies seeking capital from banks or investors.

Small business owners applying for a loan (or SBA loan guarantee) must present a business plan to the bank with their loan application. Startups raising capital from angel investors or VCs must be prepared with a business plan or – at a minimum – a thorough deck, to pitch their concept and plan to prospective investors.


We offer plan development and consulting for startups and existing companies in any industry. Our plans are comprehensive and include seven to ten sections covering the business description, market and industry analysis, marketing plan, operations, management, and a five-year financial forecast. But, the “standard” business plan outline only serves as a general guide for our plans. Rather than forcing content into a predefined template, we tailor plans for their intended purpose, business model, and audience.

More importantly, we are more than a ghost writer. We provide analysis, consultation, and insight to provide value to our clients.  We deliver more than a plan; we provide a holistic planning service that leaves you better prepared to raise capital and operate a successful enterprise.

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