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The Pinnacle Difference

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Quality Over Quantity

We’re a small firm, which means you get hands-on attention every step of the way. Unlike volume-oriented, “turn-and-burn” business plan factories, we focus on quality over quantity, taking on only a handful of clients at a time to ensure that every business plan is complete and accurate. Missing even a small issue can result in costly, time-consuming RFEs and unwanted business and immigration delays.

Template Free

Each business is unique, so each business plan should be, too. We create every plan from scratch—no templates, no boilerplate—and build plans based on custom market research tailored to each business’ unique circumstances.


The business plan is just one element of the overall offering and filing. We work closely with economists, attorneys, developers, and other service providers to ensure the final business plan is consistent with other filing documentation to present a cohesive and compelling picture to adjudicators and to avoid inconsistencies that could trigger RFEs.


We operate with a culture of accountability and a keen understanding that the stakes are very high for our clients. Our values include integrity, diligence, and an approach that puts the focus on the clients.

Credible, Thorough, and Comprehensive

Immigration business plans are different than traditional business plans. “Selling” your business is less important than showing credibly how it will succeed in reality. Our plans are the most comprehensive in the industry, and we pride ourselves on understanding and clearly describing the most complex businesses and project structures. We use detailed market and industry research to show adjudicators exactly how your business will reach its goals.


Our principal, Marisa Marconi, has been working in the business plan industry since 2007, and is a regular expert voice in industry publications. In both 2017 and 2018, she was named one of the top five business plan writers by EB-5 Investors Magazine. With more than a decade of experience in business planning, Marisa has developed more than 800 immigration visa business plans, including 325 EB-5 plans for direct investment, regional center projects, and regional center operations.



We specialize in immigration visa and real estate business plans. The requirements, level of detail, and even tone of these plans are different than traditional business plans. By being specialized, we’re able to stay on top of industry trends and changes to USCIS requirements.

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