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At a Glance

Developed in 10-15 business days
Comprehensive market and industry analysis
Benchmarked five year financial forecast and staffing plan 
Matter of Ho Compliant
Tailored for regional center vs. direct EB-5 investment
Citation and inclusion of relevant exhibits to reinforce credibility
Unlimited revisions until petition is filed

The EB-5 program requires the most detailed and complex business plans of any investor visa program, yet the document’s ultimate goal is simple: Show how the proposed project will create jobs.

Successful job creation is closely linked to the overall success of the business. This means the entire business plan, including revenue projections, must be credible to adjudicators. Fail to achieve credibility, and even the most detailed business plan will likely receive an expensive and time-consuming Request For Evidence. 

Pinnacle Plan Writing specializes in producing Matter of Ho-compliant EB-5 business plans for direct and regional center-sponsored projects, as well as regional center operations. Our plans are some of the most comprehensive in the industry and are clear, thorough, and based on in-depth industry and market research to ensure each plan meets the essential standard of credibility. We show and tell by supporting all claims with thoughtful evidence and detailed, quantitative research to demonstrate predictions for revenues and job creation are in line with industry standards and regional realities.

There is no single formula for developing a credible plan. That’s why we build each of our plans from scratch following an in-depth discovery and research phase. We utilize a range of research sources, including IBISWorld, BizMiner, Esri Business Analyst, STR, RSMeans, and other industry-specific sources.

This custom approach allows us to integrate new insights from current USCIS policies, observed trends in approval rates and Requests for Evidence, and trends within each project’s industry and region. Our extensive experience allows us to successfully execute projects in all industries.

Each EB-5 plan includes:

  • A clear, complete description of the business, operational plan, and management team

  • A detailed industry- and location-specific market analysis to realistically and credibly support job creation claims

  • Pro forma financial model with claims supported by past performance and/or industry data

  • Cost structure benchmarking to industry standards to reinforce plan credibility

  • Citation and inclusion of relevant exhibits and appendices support claims made in the plan

  • Compliant with all Matter of Ho requirements as well as current USCIS policies, memos, and observed trends in Requests for Evidence


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