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While the inclusion of a business plan is most common in EB-5, L-1, and E-2 petitions, other business and employment-related visa applications may also benefit from the inclusion of a thorough and detailed business plan.  Other visa categories for which we develop business plans include:

H1-B Employment Visas

H1-B Visas allow U.S. companies to employ graduate level workers in specialty occupations. While most H1-B petitions are filed without a business plan, certain cases, such as newer companies or companies engaging in new development or growth, can benefit from the inclusion of a plan.  For these cases, our H1-B business plans describe the company's growth and development plans and clearly illustrate the need for specialized workers to achieve key objectives. 

E-1 Treaty Trader Visas

E-1 Treaty Trader visas are designated for nationals of treaty countries to be admitted to the U.S. to engage in international trade. To qualify as a treaty trader, an applicant must demonstrate that he/she carries on substantial and principal trade between the U.S. and a treaty country. For new companies without an extensive record of trade, a business plan can be a beneficial addition to an application to illustrate trade activity. Our E-1 plans are similar to our E-2 plans, but are designed to analyze and emphasize the trade activity between the company and international markets. 

EB-1 Employment-Based Immigration Visa

EB-1 visas are available for foreign individuals with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational managers or executives that are to be employed at an existing U.S. company.  For the latter category, certain cases benefit from the inclusion of a business plan that provides a history of the petitioning company, its plans and growth objectives, and its need for executive or managerial direction from the named individual. Our EB-1 plans are similar to L-1 plans in that they provide clear and concise detail about the need for the individual, his or her background and contributions to the company, and organizational charts to underscore the executive nature of the position.

At a Glance

Developed in 10-12 business days
Market and industry Analysis
E-1: Analysis of trade environment and valuation of trade activity
EB-1 & H1-B: Explanation of need for specialized or executive position 
Benchmarked five year financial forecast and staffing plan 
Unlimited revisions until petition is filed.
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