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Requests for Evidence (RFE) are issued when USCIS requires additional detail to determine whether an applicant for a visa, or the associated business, meets the criteria for the benefits sought. An RFE is issued after the petition is filed and in process with USCIS and can address issues related to the application itself, or the supporting documentation submitted with the application, such as a business plan. 


RFEs are time consuming, costly, and can lead to a denial of a petition.  For clients or attorneys facing an RFE as a result of a subpar business plan, we offer RFE response management for EB-5, E-2, and L-1 plans, including assessment of individual RFEs and the development of a tailored plan or supplement to address each issue. Often, RFEs don't require an entirely new plan; they simply require targeted updates and supplemental documentation. We understand key issues for USCIS adjudicators and can respond appropriately to each additional request for information related to the business plan.

At a Glance

Timeline based on RFE deadline with rush services available.
Tailored to address specific requests
Incorporates updates to business activity to show progress since original filing.
Developed - and priced - based on need.
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